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The Intensive Care

Think of a man who has advanced respiratory insufficiency. He has to live in dependence on a respirator all his life. Furthermore, he has renal failure and often has to connect to dialyzer. Also, he has heart failure and some other problems. He uses pacemaker. Besides, he has cancer...


There is someone who covers the cost of all treatments of this patient having such dramatic problems and he continuously makes sure that he is treated properly.


What should this patient do in return for this man who makes him live by covering all his treatments which the patient couldn't pay even in exchange of all his belongings.


To be ungrateful enough to say that actually he is fine and he doesn't need those treatments?
To say that he owes nobody for this life and that he can live it as he wishes?
Or to thank him at every turn?
This patient we mentioned above is us, all of us.
Every one of us live in dependence on the respiratory device called atmosphere.
Our heart is in need of signals emanating from an internal source to work.
Every passing second, a cancer cell appears in our body. Every moment we face the risk of cancer. Thanks to the manager of our defence mechanism, we are saved from those rebel cells.


Those ‘free of charge' favours and blessings are so many that we couldn't finish counting them in a lifetime.
In short, there is Someone who love us. We are asked only to thank for all those blessings for which we are incapable of paying the price.


Our Prophet (pbuh) tells us that the name of this thanking is ‘to worship' and its address is ‘salat' (prayer).
Is that much?
While also an eternal life will be given in return...


Translated by Ömer Özyaşlı


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nedim yavuz 25.06.2011 00:39:33 civarında dedi ki:
The passege also reminded me the Name of Allah \"Şafi\". Accordingly, Allah (c.c.) is the only recovery who heals the human beings not only from their materially but also spiritually illnesses. Therefore, firstly we need to pray to Allah for our health and excellent system (body). I think so that Namaz is one of the certain way to pay our debt without paying:)
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